Terrace Edge Liquid Geography Riesling

It's pure liquid heaven!

Terrace Edge Liquid Geography Riesling

2021, Waipara New Zealand
  • Certified organic Riesling from a family owned Waipara producer
  • Liquid heaven - a rich, sweeter style from the home of amazing NZ Riesling, Waipara!
  • This label has gained a cult like following over the years, find out why...
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    “There’s a beauty in not knowing how hard things will be sometimes.” Pete, Viticulturalist at Terrace Edge.

    Purchased by the Chapman family in 1999, originally a sheep farm in Waipara (north Canterbury) and converted by planting 2000 olive trees on the lower terrace. With zero experience and a complete trial and error approach, they’ve gone on to become a multi award winning, boutique Waipara wine producer that in 2018 was voted the NZ Organic Vineyard of the Year! Nice one guys!

    Speaking of not knowing things – you can’t say the same about Gourmet Traveller Magazine. A few years ago they called out these guys as “a winery to watch” – they were bang on!

    Much like the wine they produce it’s all hands on at Terrace Edge. Pete looks after the winemaking side of things (and some marketing, if he ever has time), Jill answers the phone and keeps the office in order, Nana is out in the vineyard mending the nets. And Bruce, well, you’ll find him knocking back a glass, running the wine tastings and giving visitors the yarn about their cool little family run business.

    This is their 2021 Liquid Geography and as well as being certified organic, is sheer liquid heaven. It’s something of a signature wine for Terrace Edge these days and has a bit of a following from those that like their Rieslings leaning towards the richer, sweeter style.

    The Lowdown: 12% alc / 750ml / Screwcap

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