Brancott Estate Letter Series O Chardonnay

O for Awesome!

Brancott Estate Letter Series O Chardonnay

2017, Marlborough New Zealand
  • What used to be O for Ormond (Gisborne) is now O for Omaka (Marlborough)
  • 4 Stars & Best Buy (Cuisine magazine 2018)
  • Best served with chicken, pork or veal in rich, creamy sauces! Mmm!
  • RRP $29.99


    Some plonker once said “O is for Awesome” but Chardonnay guzzlers from back in the day will probably remember Montana’s (now called Brancott Estate) “O” Chardonnay from Gisborne, which really was quite awesome. A classic big, buttery and bold Gizzy Chard in a glass!

    These days Brancott have taken the Chardy in the Letter Series down to Marlborough. What was O for Ormond is now O for Omaka. This sub region in Marlborough is something of a hotspot for wicked Chardonnay with other top NZ producers like Saint Clair just down the road knocking out world class Chardonnay under their own label.

    They call it an “highly textured, complex expression of Chardonnay“, we think this is some seriously good Chardonnay for a snip under $20. The previous vintage went berserk on the international scene, collecting five (5!) Gold medals and this latest 2017 release has already scooped 4 Stars & Best Buy in Cuisine magazine’s 2018 Chardonnay tasting.

    This has the legs to be cellared for 5-10 years from vintage – best served with chicken, pork or veal in rich, creamy sauces! Mmm!

    The Lowdown: 14% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
    Cuisine 4 Stars & Best Buy

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