Spy Valley Pinot Noir Rose

Excited blush? This'll set the mood!

Spy Valley Pinot Noir Rose

2016, Marlborough New Zealand
  • It's like a bowl of fresh summer fruits in every glass!
  • Produced entirely by Pinot Noir grapes from Spy's Marlborough vineyards
  • Described as "excited blush" in colour, this wine could really set the mood!
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    Spy Valley take their name from the two huge white domes or satellite dishes located next door to their winery (you might remember a couple of nutters tried to smash them up a few years back?).

    While Spy goes about their business of producing amazing wine, the US and NZ Governments in collaboration are gathering intelligence right next door. Thank goodness they haven’t got hold of Spy’s secret! Not only does Spy Valley produce some pretty smart reds but they consistently produce a cracking Rosé produced entirely from their Pinot Noir grapes.

    Imagine a bowl of fresh summer fruits like strawberries, peaches and plums – that’s how we like to think of this wine. The winemaker calls the colour of this one "excited blush". Light the candles, slip on some Al Green and set the mood with a bottle of Spy Valley Rosé!

    It’ll be love at first sip if you enjoy this one with cold meats and salads over lunch.

    The Lowdown: 13% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
    Sam Kim 5 Stars
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    Raymond Chan 5 Stars


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