Mystery Hawke’s Bay Merlot (Eco Bottle)

This is utterly nuts!

Mystery Hawke’s Bay Merlot (Eco Bottle)

2016, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • Crazy, crazy low price on this Hawke's Bay Merlot
  • Packaged in a lightweight, shatter proof eco bottle
  • Medium bodied, soft, supple Merlot
  • Award winning, highly reputable, much loved NZ producer
  • Out of stock

    RRP $17.99


    Out of stock

    This hot Mystery deal is a sell out!

    An utterly incredible winery clearance on this genuine Hawke’s Bay Merlot from an award winning, highly reputable, much loved NZ producer. Trust us, you’ll have heard of them!

    The winery was keen to shift along the final stocks of their 2016 vintage – they sure as hell didn’t muck around on price! Packaged in an eco-bottle (it’s lightweight , shatter proof and 100% recyclable) and up for grabs at a price that can only be offered if we keep their identity under wraps, help protect the brand and pitch it as one of our kick ass mystery deals! In exchange they give us a price they’d never normally dream of offering – in fact we don’t think we’ve ever seen this brand at this insane low price before. A no brainer right?

    The wine’s true label is on the box and bottle and all will be revealed when it lands on your doorstep. Trust us, as soon as you see who this is and what you’ve just bought for $7.99 you’ll be wishing you bought that extra case…or two…or three! The same wine in its standard packaging bottle sells in the market place right now for $12-15 on special, ’nuff said.

    Let’s face it, for an NZ red at this kind of silly low price you’d be normally be looking at something you wouldn’t poison your mother-in-law with. What you’re getting here is a medium bodied, soft, supple Hawke’s Bay Merlot full of fresh, berry fruit flavours. For the money it’s an absolute no brainer.

    We don’t need to tell you that at this price it ain’t gonna last. Don’t risk it, grab that extra case and do it now.

    The Lowdown: 13.5% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
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