Chateau Belair-Coubet Bordeaux

FIVE Gold medals in the bank! (the right bank if you were wondering)

Chateau Belair-Coubet Bordeaux

2018, Bordeaux France
  • Merlot (60%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (40%) blend from Cotes de Bourg, Bordeaux, France
  • Winner of a stunning FIVE (5!) Gold medals!
  • Aged 14 months in oak (French, of course)
  • From a 6th generation Bordeaux wine producing family
  • RRP $24.99


    Chateau Belair-Coubet have been producing classy, award winning Bordeax reds since the 70s….1870s that is! Delphine Faure is the sixth generation of the Faure family who have been running this estate in Cotes de Bourg on Bordeaux’s right bank for 150 years!

    If Bordeaux lingo sends you in a spin, here’s a quick 101 run down on the bits you might like to know…

    * Bordeaux is wine from Bordeaux in France (duh)
    * Most (around 90%) Bordeaux wine is a blend made from Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon (other varieties include Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec).
    * Sub regions are split into Left Bank (Médoc and Grave) and Right Bank (Libournais)
    * Left bank is typically more Cabernet Sauvignon, Right bank typically more Merlot dominant
    * Cotes de Bourg is a sub region on the right bank

    A winner of a staggering 5 (FIVE!) Gold medals from across wine competitions across the continent. Aged 14 months in oak (French, of course) this is 60% silky, smooth, juicy Merlot with 40% Cabernet Sauvignon for a bit of structure and backbone and a touch of spice. It slips down very, very easily!

    Now here’s a little French left bank and right bank wine and food tip:
    If it’s left bank, it’s going to be Cabernet dominant so bust it out with heavy, fattier, saltier and spicier steaks & lamb.
    If it’s right bank it’s going to be Merlot dominant, so these are just the ticket with leaner or more savory meats like pork or duck.

    The Lowdown: 14% alc / 750ml / Cork
    Concours des Vins Terre de Vins – Gold
    Concours des vins de Coutras – Gold
    Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge – Gold
    Frankfurt International Wine Show – Gold
    Mundus Vini – Gold

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