Flaxbourne Pinot Gris (by Yealands Estate)

Cancelled export!

Flaxbourne Pinot Gris (by Yealands Estate)

2015, Marlborough New Zealand
  • Cancelled export order Marlborough Pinot Gris made by Yealands Estate - destined for UK's leading high street retailer M&S (Marks & Spencers)
  • The Brits fork out ??11 per bottle, that's $20!
  • Flaxbourne Station was the largest sheep station in NZ at one time - these days 3,000 merino sheep share the countryside with Yealands' prized vines!
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    Out of stock

    This one's a sell out!

    A massive cancelled export order deal from Yealands Estate (one of NZ’s largest producers) after they got left high and dry on a deal of this Marlborough Pinot Gris label they produce exclusively in the UK for leading premium retailer M&S (Marks & Spencers).

    Brits usually fork out around £11 per bottle (that’s over $20!) for Flaxbourne Gris so you can have a little chuckle to yourself while you’re sipping on a glass of this ten buck bargain!

    Flaxbourne Station in Marlborough was the largest sheep station in New Zealand at the end of the 19th century. Current owner Peter Yealands owns the land these days and he’s planted over 200 acres of vineyard on the historic site. He’s wants the place to be as famous for wine as it has been for merino wool.

    Being the eco-friendly bloke that he is he still has around 3,000 merino sheep roaming around, sharing the countryside with his prized vines!

    Labelled as "Pinot Grigio" for the UK market (it’s what wine drinkers over there know as Pinot Gris) but make no mistake this is the classic Kiwi style Gris you know and love – an off-dry, deliciously lush style with plenty of fruit flavours (think pears and peaches!), balanced nicely with just a touch of sweetness and a dryish finish. Yum.

    If you’ve already grabbed a box of the cancelled export Marlborough Sauvy under this label you’ll know what a bargain this is! Limited stocks so hook in and crack it open with your favourite Asian cuisine like Thai or Indian. Chicken and light pasta dishes will work well too.

    The Lowdown: 13% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
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