Babydoll Pinot Gris

The world's cutest lawnmowers.

Babydoll Pinot Gris

2023, Marlborough New Zealand
  • Double Silver medal winner
  •  Babydoll are the miniature sheep that graze between the vines, provide pest control (and a dollop of fertiliser!)
  • A fluffy, off-dry style with a touch of sweetness
  •  Made by the crew at Yealands Estate
The National Wine Awards of Aotearoa NZ – Silver
NZIWS Silver

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Oh baby! This must be the fluffiest, cutest Marlborough Pinot Gris we’ve ever seen – Babydoll Pinot Gris!

Made by Yealands Estate. They’re the Marlborough producer that think big, act small. You’ve gotta hand it to Yealands, when it comes to sustainability and innovation they’re well ahead of the game!

Yealands say “We’re creating great wines without messing with the environment” and that means being sustainable and eco-friendly in everything they do. From being a carboNZero certified winery to putting in the largest solar panel installation in NZ at Yealands HQ in Marlborough.

They even use miniature sheep to graze between the rows of vines, the Babydoll sheep. At two feet tall these must be the world’s cutest lawnmowers! They’re not tall enough to reach the fruit (as hard as they try) but these fluffy little guys provide a year round lawn mowing and pest control service – plus a useful dollop of fertiliser!

This fluffy little Gris is made in an off-dry style with a touch of sweetness and full of yummy pear and stone fruit flavours. Give it a whirl with spicy Asian cuisine, poultry or pork.

  • 12.5%
  • 750ml
  • Screwcap
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Babydoll Pinot Gris
Babydoll Pinot Gris 2023, Marlborough New Zealand
$15.99 RRP $18.99