Poggio Anima Lilith Primitivo IGP

Proudly Primitivo, won't bend over for anyone!

Poggio Anima Lilith Primitivo IGP

2018, Puglia Italy
  • Primitivo from the Puglia (the heel in Italy's boot)
  • Lilith - refused to get jiggy with it, was turned into a demon
  • Medium bodied red full of dark berry and cherry flavours with a savoury, spiciness!
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    Poggio Anima Lilith Primitivo IGP. Wow, what a mouthful. And so’s the wine! Just wait until you wrap your laughing gear around these modern looking but traditional style Italian reds from Poggio Anima.

    This is their Primitivo from Puglia (the heel bit on Italy’s boot if you look at it on a map) and, to keep it simple stupid, they’ve colour coded their labels. This one’s orange and on the label it features a bird woman with bird head and big bird wings. Apparently that’s Lilith, who in Jewish texts was known as Adam’s first wife.

    She refused to get jiggy with it so was banished from the Garden of Eden and turned into a demon. Primitovo is often compared to Zinfandel (they’re a clone of the same grape) – but this is a style that’s proudly Italian, hates being told it’s the same as a Californian Zin. Like Lilith, this is a wine that won’t bend over for anyone!

    The guys from Poggio Anima are bang on in their wrap up of this one – “The savory, easy-drinking palate doles out juicy black cherry, crushed raspberry and a hint of black pepper alongside supple tannins.

    The Lowdown: 13.5% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
    Sam Kim – 93 Points
    Raymond Chan 4 Stars

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