Misty Cove Rose

Delicious and far, far too easy to slurp!

Misty Cove Rose

2018, Marlborough New Zealand
  • 4 1/2 Stars, 90/100 rated (Sam Kim, Wine Orbit)
  • Bright, juicy, strawberries and cream style
  • Made entirely from Marlborough Pinot Noir grapes
  • From a 100% family owned & operated winery, headed by a bloke called Andrew (aka Mister Misty Cove)
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    We call him Mr Misty Cove but his real name’s Andrew. The Misty Cove label is the hard graft of southern man Andrew and his whanau who cover every base in their boutique wine business. From the wine making and vineyard work, to sales and marketing. A true 100% family owned and operated Kiwi wine business if we ever saw one!

    Andrew’s not interested in bourgeois BS when it comes to wine making. “Good wine for good times” as he puts it. That’s why the label gets straight to the point – “Rosé” in big, bold typo. In fact it’s Rosé made entirely from Misty’s Marlborough Pinot grapes. Bright, juicy, strawberries and cream style – mmm mmm!

    Awarding it 4 1/2 Stars and a cool 90/100, Wine Orbit’s Sam Kim called it “Bright, fresh and beautifully lifted…a delightful offering“. We’d go one further and call it ‘effin delicious and far, far too easy to slurp!

    How do you want it? Chilled from the fridge!
    When do you want it? Preferably on a scorching hot summers day, but don’t let the weather put you off wrapping your laughing gear around this delicious number.

    The Lowdown: 14% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
    Sam Kim – 4 1/2 Stars
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