Marques de Tezona Tempranillo

"Bang for buck is off the charts"

Marques de Tezona Tempranillo

2015, La Mancha Spain
  • Spanish Tempranillo named after the most non-sounding Spanish bloke we've ever come across - "El Cid"
  • "Love that it's got a savoury edge and a bit of grunt, which is pretty rare at the pointy 'value' end of red wine. Bang per buck is off the charts" (Gary Walsh, The Wine Front)
  • Rich, vibrant, fruit driven red
  • RRP $17.99


    A Spanish red named after the most non-Spanish sounding bloke we’ve ever heard of – "El Cid". He was a military leader and all round top bloke in medievil Spain though, so full marks there.

    Cid would be stoked to know that one day a kick arse Spanish red would be named after him. It’s a Spanish drop through ‘n’ through – predominantly Tempranillo (tem-prah-nee-yoh), Spain’s most prized grape, with a traditional old school European label.

    She might be old world on the outside, but she’s new world style on the inside – that means it’s fruit driven, rich and vibrant and perfect with your Spanish meats like chorizo and cheeses.

    The Lowdown: 13% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
    Raymond Chan 4 Stars
    Sam Kim 4.5 Stars

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