Invivo Chardonnay

Punchy, creamy, rich & bold. Your Go-To Chardonnay.

Invivo Chardonnay

2023, Gisborne New Zealand
  • Formed in 2008 - Invivo was started by two old school mates, Tim & Rob
  • This is their Chardonnay using Gizzy fruit
  • "Full-bodied Chardonnay of beautiful, ripe stone fruits with creamy, classy toasty oak – delivering that Go-To Chardonnay."
RRP $22.99


Invivo is one of NZ’s great wine stories. Two old school mates turn entrepreneurs that have created a world famous wine label that’s been sticking to the same principles since day one. Be honest, be down to earth and cut out of the BS! Oh, and make bloody good wine too.

Invivo is Tim and Rob. Tim’s the brains in the marketing department (he makes you want the wine) and Rob’s the chief in charge of all things winemaking (he makes the wine you want). In 2008 these lads spent every last cent they had starting up Invivo (with a bit of help from friends and family). With a label designed by fashion icons Zambesi they took their wine to the world – and the world bloody loved it!

They’ve since become NZ’s first crowdfunded winery, made exclusive labels for TV and movie stars like Graham Norton and Sarah Jessica-Parker, made it on to the in flight Air NZ wine lists for the business class wine snobs and had their wines poured in Air NZ Koru lounges!

This is their Chardonnay and it’s from the sunshine capital of the North Island – Gizzy! As the Invivo boys put it “Great New Zealand Chardonnay doesn’t happen by cutting corners. Here at Invivo & Co we’ve not made ours for a couple of years because we wanted it to be just right. What you have here is a full-bodied Chardonnay of beautiful, ripe stone fruits with creamy, classy toasty oak – ‘delivering ‘that’ Go-To Chardonnay.’”

  • 12.5%
  • 750ml
  • Screwcap
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Invivo Chardonnay
Invivo Chardonnay 2023, Gisborne New Zealand
$17.99 RRP $22.99