El Burro Kickass Garnacha

It's Kickass alright!

El Burro Kickass Garnacha

2018, Carinena Spain
  • El Burro 'Kickass' - this Spanish blockbuster is kickass alright!
  • 5 Stars (Sam Kim) - "“Instantly appealing.. with delicious fruit flavours"
  • 7th vintage in a row to win 5 Stars!
  • Rich, ripe red fruit flavours with a touch of spice
  • RRP $19.99


    They didn’t call it Kickass for no reason. “El Burro” (the donkey) is a blockbuster red a lot like the central north Spanish plains it hails from – hot, hot, hot!

    And we couldn’t wait to get our hot little hands on a parcel of this Spanish blockbuster. Made by a Master of Wine (a Scottish bloke with Kiwi connections called Norrel Robertson) this is the kind of wine that reminds us why Spanish wines are all the rage right now – amazing bang for buck!

    Garnacha is the grape (also known as Grenache) and it’s the perfect rich, ripe, spicy red for summer slugging. And as one international journo put it it – “It’s a perfect backyard burger red!” (or snarlers, steaks and spicy meaty pizzas!)

    This is one donkey ride you won’t want to miss so get your ass into gear and chuck a case in the cart.

    The Lowdown: 14.5% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
    Sam Kim 5 Stars
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