Don Aurelio Tempranillo Gran Reserva

A class act for the money!

Don Aurelio Tempranillo Gran Reserva

2012, Valdepenas Spain
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  • Brilliantly aged eight year old Spanish "Gran Reserva" Tempranillo
  • Aged 18 months in oak and 5 years in bottle before release
  • Average vine age of 30 years old, medium to full bodied, seductively smooth showing the power and matured complexity of a brilliantly aged European red
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    RRP $24.99


    Out of stock

    The Don says he’s gonna make an offer you can’t refuse. Don Aurelio – an eight year old aged Spanish Gran Reserva Tempranillo (prounounced temp-rah-knee-oh) that’s “Rioja Gran Reserva” in style but from the Valdepenas region in the southern part of central Spain, where bang for your buck can be found!

    So what’s with Gran Reserva on the label? Does it actually mean anything? You bet. Strict Spanish wine rules mean that any wine labelled “Gran Reserva” must be winery aged for a minimum of 5 years, at least 18 months of that must be aged in oak. It’s now had a couple of extra years bottle age under its belt and it’s all the better for it!

    Made by the Navarro Lopez winery – they’re the guys that produce some of the blockbuster bargain wines that are a big hit here in NZ like Rojo and Arriba. Using fruit from vines that on average are 30 years old. A medium to full bodied red, silky smooth but with the power and matured complexity of a well aged European red…all without the big price tag to go with it! A class act for the money.

    No need for any additional long term cellaring (although this will probably last for another year or two) – that bits already been done for you! Just rip the cork out and enjoy.

    The Don says revenge is a dish best served cold – but if you’ve got hot sizzling slabs of game meats, steaks or sausages then this is your go to wine match. Or how about a wedge of aged cheddar?

    The Lowdown: 13% alc / 750ml / Cork
    Berliner Wein Trophy

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