Domaine Rewa Rosie

Rosie - Otago born with a French twist!

Domaine Rewa Rosie

2015, Central Otago New Zealand
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  • Produced by a teeny, tiny, boutique Central Otago producer owned by a local Otago lass (Philippa) and her French hubby (Yannick)
  • A dry, elegant style Rose based on wines from the south of France (probably to keep the husband happy right?)
  • Only the third vintage for Domaine Rewa
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    From a teeny tiny 5.5 hectare site in Central Otago owned by hometown Kiwi girl Philippa (she grew up on an Otago farm) and her French hubby Yannick.

    Everything about Domaine Rewa is Aotearoa with a French twist – from the name (Rewa is Philippa’s Granny) to the style of wine. "Rosie" is Rewa’s play child and, presumably to keep hubby happy, they’ve crafted it in a style more likely to be found in Provence in the south of France – elegant and dry.

    Rosie’s what you want on a baking hot summer afternoon kicking back on the deck. But if it’s middle of winter and chucking it down with rain just imagine how nice it probably is in the south of France! Hey, we’re not short on excuses to be opening up a bottle of Rosie all year round!

    The Lowdown: 13% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
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