Brancott Estate Letter Series B Sauvignon Blanc

B for...go on, have a guess!

Brancott Estate Letter Series B Sauvignon Blanc

2019, Marlborough New Zealand
  • Brancott's Letter Series - named after some of their top peforming vineyards
  • B for...Brancott! As in Brancott Estate on the south side of the Wairau Valley, Marlborough
  • Listed in the Fines Wines of NZ for 2020 - served to Air NZ's Business Premier
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    Brancott’s Letter Series – their flagship range, hand crafted wines from key, high performing vineyards. Each label is abbreviated with a letter so it’s nice and easy to remember (smart marketing that).

    B is for…go on, have a guess. Well done, Brancott! As in the Brancott vineyard on the south side of the Wairau Valley. As in Brancott Estate, the label’s name since its change from Montana way back in the day.

    Billed as their “finest expression of Marlborough’s most famous variety” you can imagine the pressure they’re under every vintage with such an acclaimed label. Have they nailed it? Have they what! This is a smart wine, it’s got weight and complexity, it’s got class.

    If you’re looking to food match “B” – it’s gotta be fresh seafood and shellfish, like Marlborough Green-Lipped Mussels or cold smoked salmon.

    The Lowdown: 13.5% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
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