Bannockburn Bridge Sauvignon Blanc

Cancelled export! Made by one of Central's best!

Bannockburn Bridge Sauvignon Blanc

2014, Central Otago New Zealand
  • Cancelled export order bound for the UK - now being sold at rock bottom here in NZ!
  • Made by one of Central Otago's biggest and best...we can't say who
  • The equivalent label sells for $17-23 here in NZ
  • Central Otago Sauvy still showing a heap of freshness 4 years on - refreshing, dry style white
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    RRP $22.99


    Out of stock

    Wow! This deal flew out the door!

    Now here’s a deal that can only be described as a little bit bonkers! You’ve probably never heard of Bannockburn Bridge (don’t worry, neither had we) but this is the export label of one of the Central’s biggest, best known producers. And that’s about as much as we can say!

    Originally signed and sealed for the UK market, but no longer. This wine is now available in the NZ market as one-off opportunity – and what an opportunity! We’re sworn to secrecy over the winemaker’s name (that would give it away) and the name of the producer but the same label here in the NZ market sells for in the region of $17-23. ‘Nuff said really!

    Let’s cut to the chase – you’re probably looking at this 2014 vintage Central Otago Sauvy and wondering “Is it any good?” or “Is it past its best?”. Yep, we thought the same thing. Which is why the winery shipped us up a case of samples (we had to double and triple check of course!) and boy we were impressed!

    This is what Central Otago Sauvy is all about – heaps of freshness and minerality four years on, and can still be enjoyed into 2019 too. Why so cheap? Quite simply, the winery needed to get the last of this out of their warehouse ASAP and cut us a seriously good deal if we took the whole lot. Which is exactly what we did!

    Named after a historic Central Otago bridge. Whoop-de-doo! This is $8.99 Central Otago Sauvy from a kingpin producer and legendary winemaker. Using fruit from their Pisa and Cromwell Basin vineyards, this is a refreshing, dry style SauvyB still showing a heap of freshness and minerality four years on.

    We’ve taken every last case in exchange for this jaw dropping price. Don’t hesitate, this won’t last!

    The Lowdown: 14% alc / 750ml / Screwcap

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