Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

The world can't get enough of it!

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

2017, Marlborough New Zealand
  • One of NZ's biggest wine names around the globe
  • The Aussie's can't get enough - it's their #1 selling white wine!
  • Lip puckeringly zesty, crisp and refreshing Marlborough Sauv
  • RRP $21.99


    If you haven’t heard of Oyster Bay we can only presume you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years! It’s one of New Zealand’s most successful wine brands internationally – start talking about Marlborough Sauvy with any johnny-foreigner and chances are Oyster Bay will roll off the tongue.

    As for the Aussies, as much as it pains them to admit it they just can’t get enough of our Sauvignon Blanc and Oyster Bay leads the charge of what some across the ditch have called the ‘Sav-a-lanche’ – it’s the number one selling white wine across the ditch!

    It’s everything we’ve come to know and love about Sauv – lip puckeringly zesty, crisp and refreshing. Perfect with Marlborough’s finest fare – fresh seafood!

    The Lowdown: 12.5% alc / 750ml / Screwcap

    Michael Cooper 5 Stars




    highly rated
    Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc
    2016, Marlborough
    Sydney Blue/Gold
    Air NZ Wine Awards Silver
    NZIWS Gold
    Winestate 4 Stars