Dusky Sounds Chardonnay

Produced by Waipara Hills!

Dusky Sounds Chardonnay

2022, Waipara New Zealand
  • Produced by Waipara Hills using fruit from the Waipara Valley
  • Named after one of Fiordland's largest fiords (also the spot they reckon NZ's first beer was brewed!)
  • Juicy, lightly oaked, fruit driven style
RRP $19.99


The Dusky Sounds. It’s one of Fiordland’s largest fiords, a breeding playground for Fiordland Penguins, where Maori hunted Moa before Europeans arrived on the scene, where they reckon NZ’s first beer was brewed by Captain Cook and crew. It’s a great spot for a boat cruise or (if you’re fit enough) paddling a kayak around for a few days. There’s now even a wine label named after it. Dusky Sounds Chardonnay

Made by the gang that produce the Waipara Hills wines. Dusky’s 2022 Chardy is a blend of fruit from vineyards in the Waipara Valley region in north Canterbury.

A lovely juicy, fruit driven style of Chardonnay that won’t stretch the purse strings too far at this price. Ideal with white meats and fish dishes. Why not whip a bottle out with the roast chook this weekend?

  • 13%
  • 750ml
  • Screwcap
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Dusky Sounds Chardonnay
2022, Waipara
Dusky Sounds Chardonnay


Dusky Sounds Chardonnay
Dusky Sounds Chardonnay 2022, Waipara New Zealand
$14.99 RRP $19.99