Dom Perignon P2 Champagne

Dom in high definition!

Dom Perignon P2 Champagne

2004, Champagne France
  • "With its remarkable ease and generosity, the 2004 winemaking year stands out in the history of Dom Pérignon"
  • The ultimate luxury vintage Champagne - it's like drinking Dom Perignon in high definition!
  • Part of Dom's new "P" (Plenitude) series - showcasing the various stages during the wine's life cycle
  • Stored in our temperature controlled cellar, presented in a stunning Dom Perignon P2 gift box and delivered anywhere in NZ
RRP $1200


The world’s most luxurious name in Champagne just took the stakes up a notch. This is Dom that the VVIP’s drink. This is Dom in high definition!

The P stands for plenitude and is part of a new series of Dom Perignon designed to showcase the series of stages in the wine’s life cycle.

We want to showcase the privileged moments of a certain vintage in its lifetime” says Dom Perignon’s Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy, who reckons there are three plenitudes (or as he also calls them “windows of opportunity”) and as you might’ve guessed P2 is the second in that series.

P1 showcases a wine of “harmony” and comes approximately 8 years after vintage.
P2 is about energy, intensity and vibrancy and comes after around 15 years, twelve of which are spent on lees.
P3 takes place between 30-40 years after vintage, and is more calm and complex.

From the 2004 vintage and released some 18 years after vintage – we quite simply like to think of this as Dom Perignon in high definition with the volume turned up!

This is the ultimate in luxury Champagne. Treat yourself or someone else, but this is the wine you want to try at least once in your lifetime!

Note: This bottle has been carefully stored in our temperature controlled wine cellar.

  • 12.5%
  • 750ml
  • Cork
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Dom Perignon P2 Champagne
Dom Perignon P2 Champagne 2004, Champagne France
$999.00 RRP $1200