Cesari Valpolicella Classico

The wine Venice is most famous for!

Cesari Valpolicella Classico

2020, Veneto Italy
  • Pronounced "val-polla-chellah" - this is Venice's most famous style of wine
  • The producer is Gerardo Cesari - one of the pioneers of the Venice wine region
  • An ideal wine for summer - vibrant, fresh, light bodied and easy drinking 12.5% style
James Suckling – 91 Points

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Cesari Valpolicella Classico DOC.

Got it? Unless you’re fluent in Italian you’ll be wondering what on earth that all means. It’s all good, we’re here to break it down for ya…

Cesari – the name of the label aka Gerardo Cesari, the name of the winery and producer
Valpolicella Classico – pronounced “val-polla-chellah” – this is Venice’s most famous style of wine
DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) – is the second level of a four tier Italian wine classification system (DOCG, DOC, IGP/IGT and finally Vino da Tavola, table wine or as we call it…plonk for plonkers!)

Valpolicella is what Venice is best known for and Gerardo Cesari is something of a pioneer of the region. Along with his son Franco he’s taken the classic Valpolicella style around the world and can now boast the wine sitting on shelves in five continents, one of the first Italian wineries to do so.

This is produced from the Classico area – a hilly area where quality is often pretty good thanks to grapes ripening better on the hillside vineyards. This is an ideal wine for summer – vibrant, fresh, light bodied and easy drinking 12.5% style.

  • 12.5%
  • 750ml
  • Cork
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