20,000 Leguas Orange Wine

No, it's not made with real oranges!

20,000 Leguas Orange Wine

2018, La Mancha Spain
  • Orange wine, also called Amber wine, certified organic from La Mancha in Spain
  • 100% Chardonnay fermented with the skins and seeds for four days
  • A great place to start if you're new to the funky world of Orange wine!
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    New to the whole Orange Wine scene? It’s a style of wine that’s taken off around the world, especially in the trendy restaurant and bar trade. Let’s bring you up to speed with a few pointers.

    No, Orange wine is not made with oranges!
    No, Orange wine is not a mimosa cocktail! (1 part orange to 2 parts sparkling wine if you fancy whipping one up)
    Orange wine is white wine fermented with skins and seeds in contact with the juice.
    The fermentation can take anything from four days to a year.

    This is 20,000 Leguas (20,000 Leagues) Orange Wine (also called Amber wine), an estate grown wine made entirely from Chardonnay, certified organic, from the La Mancha region of Spain. Some orange wines can really blow your socks off with high levels of funkiness – this one is a great entry-level to the wide world of Orange wine.

    Pale orange in colour, you might pick up a whole host of different flavours going on here like hazlenut, tropical fruits and orange rind. Take your taste buds on a journey, 20000 leagues style! Looking for an Orange wine food match? Try spicy curries, sushi and a wide range of cheeses.

    The Lowdown: 13% alc / 750ml / Cork

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