Dom Perignon Champagne (1.5 Litre Magnum)

Drink Dom like a VVIP!

Dom Perignon Champagne (1.5 Litre Magnum)

2008, Champagne France
  • Moet & Chandon's finest vintage Champagne in a ridiculously cool 1.5 Litre Magnum!
  • A Champagne will stand the test of time - as long as 30 years!
  • Stored in our temperature controlled cellar and delivered anywhere in NZ
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    Dom Perignon was a 17th Century monk who strived to create the best wine in the world at the time – oh, and he also invented a little thing called the cork! No wonder then that he’s dubbed as the spiritual father of Champagne.

    Upon drinking his first sip of Champagne he yelled “I’m drinking the stars!” Ironic, as these days it’s the stars who are drinking it. The rich and famous and VIP’s have been sipping Dom for over 90 years since its first release in 1921.

    But if you want to be seen sipping Dom like the VVIP’s do – this is it! The 2008 vintage is the 41st vintage of this luxury vintage Champagne brand, known to often fetch ridiculous sums at auction houses.

    Note: This bottle has been carefully stored in our temperature controlled wine cellar.

    The Lowdown: 12.5% alc / 1.5 Litre / Cork

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