Les Jamelles Methode Traditionelle Brut

Champagne look-a-like at a third of the price.

Les Jamelles Methode Traditionelle Brut

Non Vintage, Languedoc-Roussillon France
  • French fizz from Limoux in Languedoc - France's oldest sparkling wine region (yes, before Champagne!)
  • Methode Traditionelle - made in the same way as Champagne
  • Gold medal @ Le Concours Effervescents du Monde - competition specifically for sparkling wine and Champagne
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    Think French sparkling and Champagne comes to mind. But it ain’t the oldest, and definitely not the most affordable!

    They reckon the title of oldest French sparkling goes to the monks of the Saint Hilaire monastery in Limoux in the Languedoc region of southern France, who discovered the secret of creating fizz long before Dom Perignon (another monk, now quite famous, you might’ve heard of him?).

    Limoux is where this little beauty comes from and made by a gang that simply call themselves “Les Jamelles”. So who are Les Jamelles? They’re young French winemakers Catherine and Laurent Delaunay who spent a bit of time in California learning their trade before falling in love with the Languedoc in the south of France.

    They’ve made quite the name for themselves producing great value, highly drinkable wines that caught the eye (and nose and mouth) of the Air France wine selection panel, who now serve some of Les Jamelles’ wines on board.

    This is made “Methode Traditionelle” meaning it’s made in the same way as Champagne with a second fermentation in the bottle, to give it those lovely little bubbles.

    A clean, fresh and dry style bubbles. Thrown in some stylish packaging and hey presto – it’s a Champagne look-a-like at a third of the cost! An ideal party or function fizz that won’t break the bank.

    The Lowdown: 12% alc / 750ml / Cork
    Effervescents Du Monde – Gold

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