Brancott Estate Flight Rose

So refreshing, great for the waistline!

Brancott Estate Flight Rose

2020, Marlborough New Zealand
  • Naturally lighter in alcohol at just 9%
  • Light, refreshing Rose with a touch of sweetness
  • A great lunchtime tipple with white meats, fish or fresh salads
  • RRP $18.99


    Lower alcohol wines are taking a huge surge by wine guzzlers all over the world. In fact in the USA around 20% of all wine is now low alcohol or low calorie wine (good job, most of them could do with losing a few pounds!).

    That trend hasn’t missed NZ either as wine drinkers here turn to a healthier option. Brancott Estate (you might remember them as Montana Wines back in the 80s and 90s?) were one of the first to plant vines in Aotearoa (their marketing dudes like to call themselves “Pioneers”) and the Flight range is their naturally lighter in alcohol range.

    Don’t think of it as some kind of “Diet Rose” that’s subtituting alcohol content for flavour, it’s picked and harvested earlier than their standard Rose so it’s naturally lower in alcohol at just 9%. A light, refreshing Rose with a touch of sweetness.

    Lighter in the booze it’s naturally a good option as a lunchtime wine, try it with white meats, fish and fresh salads.

    The Lowdown: 9% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
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