AG Forty Seven Malbec Shiraz

Science ain't our thing. Good wine is.

AG Forty Seven Malbec Shiraz

2013, Mendoza Argentina
  • 50/50 blend of Malbec and Shiraz from Mendoza in Argentina
  • Medium bodied, soft, rich, fruit driven style red
  • The fastest growing Argentine wine brand and the #1 seller across several European countries, including the UK.
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    AG Forty Seven – left us licking our lips, reaching for a second glass and wishing we’d paid more attention in science class. AG47 – AG is the chemical symbol for silver, 47 is the atomic number and Argentina is known as the “Land of Silver”, a nickname given by the first settlers there.

    We’ll stick with what we know and that’s wine. Good wine at that. Malbec is the king grape in this part of the world and Argento (the fastest growing Argentine wine brand and #1 seller in the UK and several other European countries) have crafted a 50/50 blend of this native grape with Shiraz to create a medium bodied, soft and rich fruit-driven red that is simply so moreish you’ll see why there’s such a fuss over wines from Argentina

    It’s why big publications like Wine Spectator have said
    Adventurous wine drinkers know Argentina is on fire qualitatively” while The Wall Street Journal dropped the line “Argentina’s wines have been a well-kept secret of wine connoisseurs for years…but the silence is being broken”.

    The Lowdown: 13% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
    Sam Kim – 4 Stars
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