Rosemount O Moscato Ruby

Low calorie fizz, O-go on then!

Rosemount O Moscato Ruby

20104, South Australia Australia
  • Low strength, low calorie - this is bubbly for the ladies watching their waistlines! (or blokes, your secret's safe with us!)
  • Just 7.5% in alcohol - an ideal lunchtime tipple too
  • Light pink in colour, refreshing and best enjoyed over ice!
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    Out of stock

    Sorry, no longer available in NZ.

    Bubbles in a tall glass over ice, are we for real? Yep, that’s exactly how the guys at Rosemount recommended serving their innovative "O" range of bubbles.

    It’s low strength (just 7.5%), low calorie, light and refreshing and was put on the market by Rosemount in response to a growing demand by the young female market. Although we’ve certainly sold a box or two to blokes – your secret’s safe with us guys!

    What’s with the "O"?
    Over ice.
    O like the shape of a bubble.
    O in zero degrees – when water turns to ice.

    Oh, go on then!

    The Lowdown: 7.5% alc / 750ml / Screwcap

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