Gancia Prosecco Rose DOC

"Pink prosecco is the new thing"

Gancia Prosecco Rose DOC

2020, Veneto Italy
  • 4 Stars (Cuisine magazine 2021) - "Encased In what can only be described as a spectacular bottle this prosecco tastes as impressive as it looks with enticing ripe summer berry fruit, red apple and a slight spice"
  • A change in strict Prosecco appellation rules means Rosé Prosecco is now officially a thing
  • Bright, refreshing style bubbles with fresh summer fruit flavours - think strawberries, berries and cherries!
  • RRP $25.99


    It’s pink Prosecco time baby! One of the first Rosé Proseccos to hit our shores, this is the variety tipped to be the next big thing.

    With the rise and rise of Rosé wine and Prosecco the geniuses at Prosecco D.O.C Consortium in Italy decided to change their strict Prosecco appellation rules to allow for Rosé style bubbles to be legally labelled as Rosé Prosecco.

    Prosecco Rosé must be made with at least 85% Glera grapes and the rest Pinot Noir, all grown within the specific boundaries of the region. At least 85% of grapes have to come from a single vintage and aged for 60 days, traditional Prosecco is 30 days.

    There’s certainly plenty of hype around the release of Rosé Prosecco…

    “Pink prosecco is the new thing” (Bloomberg news, 2021)
    “Get ready for pink prosecco” (Top 5 Drinks Trends for 2021, Sip NZ 2021)
    “Truth to be known, I’ve smashed a few glasses myself….bloody delicious” (Al Brown, NZ Chef)

    A juicy, refreshing style bubbles that’s light on its feet typical of the Prosecco style – but with fresh summer fruit flavours like strawberries, cherries and berries.

    The Lowdown: 11% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
    Sam Kim – 91 Points
    Cuisine 4 Stars
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