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Wooing Tree Blondie

This Blondie struts her stuff!

Wooing Tree Blondie

2018, Central Otago New Zealand
  • "Blanc de Noir" (white wine from red grapes) - this Blondie sure is different!
  • Made 100% from Central Otago Pinot Noir grapes, think of it like a light Rose
  • Blondie loved by a Blondie - it's famous actor Reese Witherspoon's favourite NZ wine!
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    Out of stock

    Sold out. You'll have to wait for the new Blondie to strut her stuff.

    A white wine that’s technically a Rosé made from red Pinot Noir grapes and actually called a “Blanc de Noir”, that’s French for “white wine from red grapes”. Yep, the Blondie sure is different! 

    Made entirely from Pinot Noir grapes on the family owned Wooing Tree vineyard down there in Central Otago, given a sexy, light, pinkish colour thanks to minimal contact with the skins of the grape.

    Blondie is hot stuff, sure to make you blush just like her colour. This little flirt will tell you she’s all “peach, pear and brioche with stonefruit, quince and pink grapefruit“, we say she’s light, crisp and an absolute treat to slurp back on a lazy Sunday arvo in the sun.

    Produced in small quantities and with something of a cult following built up over the years it’s sure to sell out in quick time yet again. It caught the eye of another blondie, actress Reese Witherspoon, on a trip to NZ a while back. A few posts of her favourite wine to her 10 million social media followers is bound to mean they sell out in record time again! Grab a bottle or two of this totally brilliant and different style wine while you can. Serve slightly chilled.

    The Lowdown: 13.5% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
    Raymond Chan 4 Stars
    Cuisine 5 Stars
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