Leonardo Chianti Imperiale (5 Litre)

Genius way to kick off a party!

Leonardo Chianti Imperiale (5 Litre)

2020, Tuscany Italy
  • Mega 5 Litre sized bottle of Italian Chianti!
  • Mama mia - over six and a half standard sized bottles of wine of soft, smooth and juicy Tuscan red!
  • Presented in a Leonardo Chianti gift box with carry handle (you might need two hands!)
RRP $215


This is a bottle that’ll turn heads, make friends and definitely kick the party into gear! It’s a mega 5 litre sized bottle of Italian Chianti. With almost 50 standard drinks and the equivalent of six a half standard bottles of wine, you’ll need a few helpers to get through this one.

Leonardo Da Vinci – Italian painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, biologist, botanist and writer. But he wasn’t a wine maker. So it’s a bloody nice gesture that someone named a wine range after him.

Strict Italian wine laws mean that to call this Chianti (pronounced key-an-tee) grapes must be sourced entirely from one of the 8 Chianti regions and must be made with least 75% of the Sangiovese grape (this one has 85%).

Unoaked, soft, juicy and smooth style red. Fans of lighter style Pinot Noirs and Merlots will be right into this. Serve with antipasti, light meat and pasta dishes and say “Buon appetito!”

  • 13%
  • 5 Litre
  • Cork
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Leonardo Chianti Imperiale (5 Litre)


Leonardo Chianti Imperiale (5 Litre)
Leonardo Chianti Imperiale (5 Litre) 2020, Tuscany Italy
$180.00 RRP $215