Epic Hop Zombie


Epic Hop Zombie

Non Vintage, New Zealand
  • Epic's legendary brew returns, and Hop Zombies roam the streets again
  • Double IPA loaded to the gunnells with hops to fuel those hop junkies!
  • Hop Zombie waits for no man - this sells out every year so get in while you can!
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    Out of stock


    Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night – it’s the return of the Hop Zombie! 

    Epic Brewing Co’s legendary Double IPA has hop junkies everywhere falling over (possibly eating) themselves trying to fuel their insatiable appetite for hops.

    Make no mistake these relentless Hop Zombie craving hordes clear every shelf in every fridge until there is no more. Secure yours now before it’s too late!

    Best enjoyed gorging or gouging on human flesh.

    The Lowdown: 8.5% alc / 500ml/ Crown cap