Chimay Red (330ml)

A sexy little red head

Chimay Red (330ml)

Non Vintage, Belgium
  • Red, Rouge or it what you will
  • A bit more of a darker ale than the White & Blue labels
  • Brewed by an authentic 'Trappist' Brewery in Belgium
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    Who said red heads aren’t sexy? The Red Label Chimay (call it ‘Rouge’ or ‘Premiere’ if you want to sound fancy) is slightly darker than the White and Blue label, quite reddish/brown in colour. It’s also a tad lower in alcohol than the others. But it’s pure class.

    These guys are one of only six in the world who can authentically call themselves Trappist Breweries, and they’ve been doing it for almost 150 years. Highly regarded worldwide, these guys are true craftsmen of beer.

    The Lowdown: 7% alc / 330ml / Crown cap
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