Chimay Blue Grande Reserve (750ml)

Brewed by some clever little Monks

Chimay Blue Grande Reserve (750ml)

Non Vintage, Belgium
  • Belgian 'Trappist' beer (brewed in a monastery!)
  • Strong 9% ale
  • Serious beer, fermented in the bottle
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    You don’t need to know much French to know that the words “Grande Reserve” means this beer is something special. And it comes with a cork closure. How’s that for fancy?

    And christ this is good beer! Sorry we shouldn’t curse. After all this a ‘Trappist’ beer brewed by monks within the walls of a monastery.

    It’s a strong 9% ale and should be enjoyed with an open-mouth from a wide-mouthed glass.

    The Lowdown: 9% alc / 750ml / Cork
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