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Chimay Blue Grande Reserve (330ml)

Beer brewed by Monks

Chimay Blue Grande Reserve (330ml)

Non Vintage, Belgium
  • Belgian 'Trappist' beer (brewed in a monastery!)
  • Strong 9% ale
  • Serious beer, fermented in the bottle
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    Out of stock

    Out of stock

    You don’t need to know much French to know that the words "Grande Reserve" means this beer is probably going to be pretty good.

    And bloody hell it’s just that! Sorry, we shouldn’t curse. This a ‘Trappist’ beer brewed by monks within the walls of a monastery (sorry guys!).

    It’s a strong 9% ale and should be enjoyed with an open-mouth from a wide-mouthed glass. We also sell this brew’s bigger 750ml version.

    The Lowdown: 9% alc / 330ml / Crown cap
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