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Over 200 years of bloody good Whisky.

United Kingdom

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In the remote and wild Livet Valley in Scotland was Glenlivet founder George Smith. There he honed his whisky distilling skills…while hiding from customs officers and soldiers!

In 1822 King George IV arrived in Scotland and requested a dram of the (illegal and infamous!) Glenlivet whisky. A couple of years later and some changes to the legislation George was the first legal distiller in the parish of Glenlivet.

In later years other distillers tried to rip off George’s Glenlivet brand but until a eureka moment and a magic three letter word – T.H.E. From 1884 as part of a historic agreement only The Glenlivet was the only whisky legally about to use the Glenlivet name.

Obey the rules. Miss the fun.

#BreakTheStereotype. For far too long whisky has been a drink for middle-aged white men in old boys clubs surrounded by leather armchairs and cigar smoke. But The Glenlivet decided to turn the world of whisky on its head. Enter Anna Paquin (brand ambassador and regular Glenlivet sipper), who’s here to tell you that whisky doesn’t care what’s between your legs.

The Glenlivet 12yo


The Glenlivet’s been breaking conventions and setting the standards of single malt since 1824 and today, together with Anna Paquin, they’re once again pouring out the rules as they embark on a mission to #BreakTheStereotype.

The Glenlivet - great for cocktails!

Enjoy it neat or on the rocks but don’t forget there’s a style of Glenlivet for every occasion. From winter hot toddies to summer punches. For a list of awesome cocktail ideas check out The Glenlivet Cocktail page.

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