Whale’s Tale Pinot Gris

Massive cancelled export! Made by Yealands!

Whale’s Tale Pinot Gris

2019, Marlborough New Zealand
  • Cancelled export order bound for the Aussie market
  • Crisp, stonefruit flavours with a touch of sweetness and a dryish finish
  • 100% Marlborough Pinot Gris made by Yealands Estate
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    Out of stock

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    Once upon a wine there was a whale with a tail. And this is the tale about the Whale’s Tale that ended up on sale.

    These Whale’s Tails were on their way to Oz, before they had to bail. And that’s how they ended up, back here in Aotearoa, on sale. And they all sold happily ever after. The end.

    Oh, you want the rest of the story too? Ok, gather round.

    Made by the crew at Yealands Estate this is an export label that’s done a massive U-turn due to a cancelled export shipment and ended up back here on the domestic market. They needed to find a home for it ASAP – so we cut a deal to land it at this absolutely ridiculous, rock bottom rate of ten bucks a bottle!

    This is 100% Marlborough Pinot Gris made by one of the region’s best known producers. Crisp, stonefruit flavours with a touch of sweetness and a dryish finish. Grab a box or three now and quaff away happily right into 2022.

    The Lowdown: 13% alc / 750ml / Screwcap
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