Mont’Albano Nero d’Avola

New to Nero? Give it a go!

Mont’Albano Nero d’Avola

2020, Sicily Italy
  • Organic Nero d'Avola (pronounced "nair-oh davo-la") comes from the island of Sicily, Italy
  • Mont'Albano have been produced organic wine since 1985
  • New to Nero? Give it a go! A bold, fruit driven style red with flavours of black cherries, plums, licorice and spice!

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Mauro Braidot started Mont’Albano back in 1985 and, pretty much unlike any other producer at the time, converted his 5 hectare vineyard into a fully organic production.

Originally from the north east of Italy in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region it didn’t take long for the popularity of Mont’Albano wines to take off. As well as processing their own grapes they were also producing wines from other growers in other regions under the strict (and organic!) Mont’Albano guidelines.

These days they’re part of the Sartori di Verona wine group, still producing wines from certified organic producers from the most famous regions across Italy – Veneto, Abruzzo and the island of Sicily where this Nero d’Avola (pronounced “nair-oh davo-la”) comes from.

Nero D’Avola is the most planted variety on the island of Sicily off the coast of mainland Italy. Nero is best known for being a bold, fruit driven style red with typical flavours of black cherries, plums, licorice and spice! They’re also incredible value for money and a bit under rated in our opinion!

This is a style you’ll happily glug with or without food, if you do want to bust it out at the dinner table try it with grilled meats, antipasto and cheeses.

  • 13%
  • 750ml
  • Screwcap
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