Moet & Chandon Golden Bottle (2 bottles + 2 Moet Golden Goblets)

Buy 2 bottles, get 2 FREE Moet Golden Goblets!

Moet & Chandon Golden Bottle (2 bottles + 2 Moet Golden Goblets)

Non Vintage, Champagne France
  • Limited stocks -  two bottles of Moet & Chandon Golden Bottle and two complimentary Moet & Chandon Golden Acryclic Goblets!
  • The limited edition Moet & Chandon Golden bottle (150th Anniversary Limited Edition)
  • Celebrating their 150th Anniversary with a textured golden sleeve and "I" for Imperial silver print
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    Sorry, this limited edition is a sell out!

    Live your life like it’s golden. Buy 2 bottles of Moët & Chandon Golden Bottle and receive 2 FREE Moët & Chandon Gold Acrylic Goblets. This Champagne in Gold class baby!

    The world’s number one selling Champagne name, Moët & Chandon, celebrate the 150th anniversary in 2019 for the iconic “Imperial” name. And in true Moët style they’re doing it with a touch of class!

    This is their extremely cool Golden Bottle 150th Anniversary Limited Edition and it is THE bottle to get your hands on for the 2019/20 season! The bottle is packaged in a textured golden sleeve with the Moët Imperial 150th Anniversary decorated on the front label black tie. The “I” for “Imperial” is decorated on the front label in a frosted silver design.

    It absolutely looks the biz and sure to be a massive hit. Add a the Golden touch to your celebrations this season, Moët style! It must be Moet, it must be the Moet & Chandon Golden Bottle 150th Anniversary Limited Edition.

    Moët produces a mind blowing 26 million bottles a year of France’s finest. So who is drinking Moet Champagne? Everyone from hip-hop artists 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg to the dear old Queen. Yep when old Lizzie wants to bust out a bottle of the good stuff, it’s Moët et Chandon. You’ve got to be good to be issued a royal warrant to serve Champagne to the Royal Family.

    Here’s a little history factoid you might not know about Moet. Originally known as “Moët et Cie” (Moët & Co) and established by Claude Moët in 1793. In 1833, and now under the guidance of Claude’s grandson Jean-Remy Moët, the company changed name to Moët et Chandon after Pierre-Gabriel Chandon de Briailles, Remy Moët’s son-in-law, joined the company.

    Moet is the world’s number one selling Champagne, it’s also one of the most mis-pronounced wines around the globe! Without wanting to sound like a wine snob, Moet is actually “Mo-ette” with the ‘T’ prounounced.

    We’ll deliver the Moet & Chandon Golden Bottle (150th Anniversary Limited Edition) anywhere in NZ and include a personal gift message. Limited stocks, get in quick.

    The Lowdown: 12% alc / 2 x 750ml bottles / Cork
    Cuisine 4 Stars

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