Man O’ War Pinque (1.5 Litre Magnum)

Make it a big Pinque party!

Man O’ War Pinque (1.5 Litre Magnum)

2016, New Zealand
  • Mega sized 1.5 Litre magnum - make it a big Pinque party!
  • Pinque means what in French? Go on, have a guess!
  • Named after the small, flat-bottomed ships that sailed the Mediterranean as cargo ships (maybe carting around Provencal style Rose?)
  • A dry, delicate, refreshing style Rose from Waiheke Island
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    Someone at Man O’ War on Waiheke Island really has a fascination with ships. Maybe it’s because they’re on an island. Maybe they just love playing battleships. They’ve got a tradition of naming some of their labels after famous ships – Ironclad, Dreadnought, Warspite.

    So what would they come up with a pretty, delicate, dry style Rosé? Man O’ War Pinque?! Hah, they’ve run out of ship ideas we thought!

    No. Actually, Pinque is a small, flat-bottom ship that sailed the Mediterranean as a cargo ship. It’s also the French word for “pink”. Which actually ties in nicely given this is what’s known as a Provençal style Rosé – the style they slurp regularly on the hot coastlines of the Mediterranean. Quite a clever name for the label as it turns out.

    A blend of some of their Waiheke grown Merlot, Malbec and Syrah grapes. Summer fruit flavours in a refreshingly dry style. Delish.

    The Lowdown: 12% alc / 1.5 Litre / Screwcap

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