Grahams Fine Tawny Port

Great Scott! A terrific wee Tawny

Grahams Fine Tawny Port

Non Vintage, Douro Portugal
  • Two Scottish brothers (William & John) formed this Port house back in 1820
  • This is right on the money if you're looking for a quality, genuine Portuguese port that won't break the bank
  • Drink slightly chilled, with dried fruits and creamy puddings
  • RRP $44.99


    One of the big players in the Portuguese port scene – W&J Graham are William and John and they’re two Scottish brothers that started their port shipping business way back in 1820.

    Tawny, Ruby – what’s the difference? Well, Tawny Ports are older than Rubys and lighter in colour. They have a lovely golden, brown colour and a "nutty" taste. They can be aged from anything between 10-40 years. This Fine Tawny is a blend from several different years.

    A great genuine Portuguese port that won’t stretch the purse strings. Drink it slightly chilled and with dried fruits, aged cheddars and creamy puddings!

    The Lowdown: 19% alc / 750ml / Cork
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