Duvel (330ml)

Devil's beer

Duvel (330ml)

Non Vintage, Belgium
  • One of the flagships beers of Belgium
  • A strong, 6.5% golden ale
  • Duvel means 'Devil' in Dutch
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    Belgians know how to make seriously good beer, they make some of the best in the world in fact.

    One of those is Duvel (pronounced ‘Doo-vul’, it means ‘Devil’ in Dutch) – a strong, Belgian Golden Ale.

    When this bottle conditioned beer is poured it creates a big, fluffy white head. Sure, that sounds pretty cute, but this is some serious 8.5% beer that deserves your attention.

    Not one to drink straight from the bottle guys. You should, where possible, serve it into a tulip-shaped beer glass. We also sell this guy’s big 750ml brother.

    The Lowdown: 8.5% alc / 330ml / Crown cap
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