Chivas Regal 18yo Scotch Whisky

Aged 18 years and worth the wait.

Chivas Regal 18yo Scotch Whisky

Non Vintage, United Kingdom
  • Aged a minimum of 18 years
  • From thousands of whisky casks only a select few make the cut to make the blend for the iconic "Chivas 18"
  • Gold Signature Edition - each bottle bares the golden signature of Chivas' master blender
  • Delivered anywhere in NZ with a personal gift message


One of the most famous whisky names and the world’s first luxury whisky when brothers James and John Chivas released their debut whisky (a 25 year old blend) in 1909. But go back in time a wee bit further and you’ll find the Chivas business has roots dating back to 1801 and a grocery business in Aberdeen, Scotland.

James Chivas was a partner in the grocery business that had a royal warrant to supply Queen Victoria. They were supplying the Queen with food, with spirits, with wine, just about anything…she even asked for a quiet donkey that she could have to pull her around the ground!

This is their iconic 18 Year Old blended scotch whisky aged for a minimum of 18 years. They’ve been producing top notch whisky for over 100 years now so they’ve got some pretty smart whisky stocks and thousands of casks maturing up there in the Scottish hills. Only a select few casks make the cut for their famous “Chivas 18”.

Clearly pretty proud of his work each box bares a golden signature of Chivas Regal’s master blender Colin Scott. This is a man who knows his whisky and he’s identified no fewer than 85 different unique flavour notes!

Enjoy neat, on the rocks in a classic Old Fashioned cocktail…

50ml Chivas 18
5ml sugar syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Orange zest, to garnish
Glass: Rocks/Tumbler
Method: Pour all ingredients into a tumbler glass. Fill to the top with ice and stir for approx. 20 seconds. Add a few more ice cubes, and garnish with an orange zest.

Comes presented in this Chivas 18 year old branded gift box and delivered anywhere in New Zealand with your personal gift message included.

  • 40%
  • 700ml
  • Cork
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Chivas Regal 18yo Scotch Whisky
Chivas Regal 18yo Scotch Whisky Non Vintage, United Kingdom