California Republic Chardonnay

New from California! This is real bang for your buck!

California Republic Chardonnay

2019, California United States
  • The best of the west! All the way from Sonoma County, California, USA!
  • Rich and creamy and full bodied and lip smackingly delish - like a slice of American Apple pie in a glass!
  • Tropical fruits, vanilla, apple, nutmeg - heck you might even pick up a bit of cheeky whipped cream in there
Sam Kim – 93 Points

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RRP $25


Out of stock

We’ve guzzled a few rich, creamy, buttery Californian Chardonnays in our time so we know the good from the bad and everything in between.

Brand spanking new into the NZ market comes California Republic Chardonnay from Sonoma County in California, US of A. Coming in at a snip over $20 this over delivers in flavour and offers some seriously good bang for your buck! Watch this space, this could be a big hit!

It’s incredibly rich and creamy and full bodied and lip smackingly delish. Loaded with tropical fruits and vanilla and apple and nutmeg and you might even pick up a bit of cheeky whipped cream in there! It’s like a slice of fresh American Apple Pie in a glass! Gosh, is your mouth watering yet?!

Packaged conveniently under a screwcap too. If you’re a fan of this style you’re gonna love this one. Get into it before it’s gone.

  • 14.1%
  • 750ml
  • Screwcap
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