Bogle Phantom Chardonnay

Bigger, bolder, more buttery - it's Bogle Chardonnay supercharged!

Bogle Phantom Chardonnay

2020, California United States
  • Phantom Chardonnay by Bogle - one of the leading Californian producers of this style
  • Bigger, more buttery, richer, creamier than the standard Bogle - like Bogle Chardonnay supercharged!
  • 10 months in 100% French oak (it spends a longer time in more expensive oak than standard Bogle)
  • Hand stirred every fortnight by the Phantom himself - creating a the silky, creamy mouthfeel and texture.

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If you’re a lover of Bogle Chardonnay then strap yourself in and get set to boogie with Bogle – The Phantom Chardonnay is in the house! It’s bigger, it’s bolder and more buttery, it spends longer in more expensive oak, it’s Bogle Chardonnay supercharged!

If you’re a lover of that big, buttery, bold over the top style you’ll know all about Bogle. They’re one of the original big, buttery styles that took NZ Chardonnay guzzlers by storm years ago and still has a cult like following today. They’re bonkers for Bogle and after one glass you’ll find out why.

And if all this sounds like a bit of you then the Bogle Phantom Chardonnay will impress – it’s an obvious notch up in class. So what’s the difference? Well, The Phantom is aged for 10 months in 100% French oak, longer and more expensive oak than the 8 months in American oak for the standard Bogle. It’s also hand stirred every fortnight by the Phantom himself (we think) to help create the silky, creamy mouthfeel and texture.

The Bogle family are a sixth generation farming family. The first generation in 1870 moved to California from Tennessee and set about trying to grow cherries, peaches and pears. Sadly that failed for the Bogles, but better (or is that butterier?) things were to follow!

The fourth generation, in 1968, planted 20 aces of grapes and grew for other wineries in the region. In 1979 they built the winery, that still stands there today, and produced their own labels. Now up to the sixth generation of Bogle farmers and winemakers these guys show no signs of slowing up anytime soon.

  • 14.5%
  • 750ml
  • Cork
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