Bitburger Drive Non-Alcoholic Beer (6 pack)

Beer without the booze!

Bitburger Drive Non-Alcoholic Beer (6 pack)

Non Vintage, Germany
  • Non-alcoholic beer, imported from Germany
  • Pilsner style brew
  • Alcohol free version of the massively popular Bitburger Premium Pils (alcohol is removed after the fermentation process)
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    Out of stock

    Bit-Bugger! Importer out of stock. Due back approx. Fri 13th Oct.

    Beer without the booze!  A non-alcoholic Pilsner style brew from legendary German brewers Bitburger. In Germany it’s called “Bitburger Alkoholfrei” and even though we don’t speak a word of German we could’ve taken a stab in the dark as to what that meant. But just in case they’ve re-named it to “Bitburger Drive” for English speaking nations (really, was that necessary?)

    Bitburger literally means “a bit, please” but really we’re talking about alcohol free beer here. Have as much as you want and still drive home!

    It’s an alcohol free version of their massively popular Bitburger Premium Pils but with the alcohol removed after the fermentation process, rather than before.

    Prost! (it’s German for cheers apparently)

    The Lowdown: 0% alc / 6 pack of 330ml bottles / Crown cap