Ardbeg Exploration Whisky Pack

It'll put hairs on your chest!

Ardbeg Exploration Whisky Pack

Non Vintage, United Kingdom
  • A bottle of Ardbeg 10yo (700ml) and a 50ml miniature of Ardbeg Corryvreckan and Ardbeg Uigeadail
  • Big, smokey, peaty - it'll put hairs on the chest!
  • Out of this world whisky (seriously, Ardbeg are part of an experiment in space on board the International Space Station! Crazy!)
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    Known as one of the great peaty, smokey single malts – Ardbeg 10 Year Old won’t disappoint if you’re after the big, old dirty, in your face style of whisky that’ll put hairs on your chest.

    Ardbeg’s Exploration Pack gives you a 700ml of their world famous 10 Year Old as well as a 50ml miniature each of their Corryvreckan (another intense, powerful style) and Uigeadail (pronounced oog-a-dal and Gaelic for "dark and mysterious place" if that gives you a clue to its style!)

    Distilled on the small, remote Scottish island of Islay (pronounced eye-lah), Ardbeg’s whiskies are out of this world. No, seriously you’ll find some of them orbiting on board the International Space Station at 17,000 miles per hour! Crazy we know, but Ardbeg are actually taking part in a study on the effects of zero gravity on maturation!

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    The Lowdown: 10 Year Old - 700ml / 46% alc / Cork Corryvreckan - 50ml / 57.1% / Screwcap Uigeadail - 50ml / 54.2% / Screwcap
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