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Scotts Gluten Free Beer Pale Ale

Gluten free beer - great scott!

Scotts Gluten Free Beer Pale Ale

Non Vintage, New Zealand
  • Gluten free beer brewed right here in New Zealand
  • Pale Ale style using coeliac-friendly sorghum, buckwheat and corn (instead of the traditional wheat, rye or barley)
  • Six pack of 330ml bottles
  • $24.99

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    Phil Scott is the Scott in Scott’s Brewing Co and like most red blooded Kiwis he loves his beer. He was diagnosed with coeliac disease and found it pretty tricky finding gluten free beer to re-stock his fridge with.

    “Great Scott!” said Scott. “I’ll brew it myself!”.

    And so he did. He built a 600 litre brewery and crafted what has now become one of Aotearoa’s most popular gluten free beers. Instead of using wheat, rye or barley Scott uses coeliac-friendly sorghum, buckwheat and corn.

    A Pale Ale in style – think of it like your classic European lager. Clean, crisp, refreshing – a gluten free beer that actually tastes good!

    The Lowdown: 4.5% alc / 6 pack of 330ml bottles / Crown cap

    Epic Pale Ale
    Non Vintage, New Zealand