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Mystery Barrel Fermented Californian Chardonnay

Save at least $36 per dozen! Rich, creamy style!

Mystery Barrel Fermented Californian Chardonnay

2017, California United States
  • Hot mystery deal! Usually $18-23 - SAVE at least $36 per dozen!
  • Barrel fermented Chardonnay from California, USA
  • Rich, creamy style with a fair smattering of buttery goodness and loaded with rich, tropical fruits
  • From the producers of a leading Californian Chardonnay brand
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    RRP $22.99


    Out of stock

    Sorry - this Mystery deal is a sell out!

    Mum’s the word on yet another kick ass mystery deal – this time on a barrel fermented, fully delicious, fully rich, creamy, Californian Chardonnay with a fair smattering of buttery goodness!

    There’s a catch – we can’t tell you the producer’s name or the identity of the label. It’s simple, if we did you’d be paying anything from $18 up to $23. Instead, we slap a question mark on the bottle image, keep it all hush hush and you pocket the savings. We’ve worked it for you –  it’s a saving of at least $36 per dozen! 

    The importer of this Californian Chardonnay has made the tough decision to cull it from their portfolio. We’ve promised to keep the full details under wraps to help protect the brand and producer’s name in exchange for the extra savings – the wine’s true label is on the bottle and all is revealed when it lands on your doorstep.

    Using ripe fruit from across the California region and barrel fermented to help create the irresistible rich, creamy style Chardonnay with a fair smattering of buttery goodness and loaded with heaps of rich, tropical fruit flavours. These are the kind of Chardonnays that Kiwis have been guzzling in huge numbers over the past few years, and you can see why.

    If that sounds like a bit of you then drop a case or two in the shopping cart now! It’s an absolute no brainer for the money. You won’t find a better style of a rich, creamy, barrel fermented Chardonnay for fifteen bucks anywhere.

    Awarded 4 1/2 Stars by Wine Orbit’s Sam Kim. This is the old-skool style Chardonnay sealed with an old-skool closure – get the the cork screw ready, you’ll need i!

    The Lowdown: 13.5% alc / 750ml / Cork
    Sam Kim 4.5 Stars

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