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Moa St Josephs Tripel Magnum (1.5 Litre)

Beer geeks will love it!

Moa St Josephs Tripel Magnum (1.5 Litre)

Non Vintage, New Zealand
  • How cool is this? A massive 1.5 Litre magnum of Moa's St Josephs!
  • Made in the Belgian style Tripel - 9.5% so it's pretty strong!
  • Bottle conditioned, you need to pour this one carefully
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    Out of stock

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    Brewed by a bloke called Josh Scott. His Dad’s a winemaker (Allan Scott, you might’ve heard of him?) but Josh turned to the nectar of the gods instead.

    This here is Moa’s take on the age-old classic Belgian Abbey Tripel style. Typically these are very strong, pale ale beers. The first thing you ought to know is this is bottle conditioned and that means it has traces of floaties in it. Don’t freak out, they’re meant to be there!

    It does mean though you should serve it chilled at around 8 degrees and pour carefully into a goblet style glass (or wooden, if you’re pretending you’re actually a Belgian monk). But with a massive magnum sized bottle in your hand you’re more likely to be spraying it around like you’ve just won lotto.

    The Lowdown: 9.5% alc / 1.5 Litre Magnum / Cork

    Epic Pale Ale
    Non Vintage, New Zealand