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Moa Pilsner Methode Magnum (1.5 Litre)

Moa magnum madness!

Moa Pilsner Methode Magnum (1.5 Litre)

Non Vintage, New Zealand
  • How cool is this? A massive Moa Pilsner Methode magnum!
  • A lot of wine is made in Marlborough, so is Moa beer
  • Try with fresh scallops! (although with this size bottle you're more likely to be spraying it around like you just won the Melbourne Grand Prix!)
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    Out of stock

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    Brewed by a bloke called Josh Scott. His Dad’s a winemaker (Allan Scott, you might’ve heard of him?) but Josh turned to the nectar of the gods instead.

    The Moa Methode is a German style Pilsner which is bottle conditioned and fermented, which means you’ll find a small bit of sediment in the bottle. Don’t freak out, that’s totally natural and protects the beer from premature aging. This massive 1.5 Litre sized magnum is just the thing to kick off the party in style.

    These beers each have their own food match – try this bad boy with chicken or scallops with coriander chilli. Alternatively, just blow the cork off this bad boy and spray it around like you’ve just won the Melbourne Grand Prix!

    The Lowdown: 5.2% alc / 1.5 Litre Magnum / Cork



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