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The Good Wine Company
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The Good Wine Company
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It's easy peasy. Here's how...

No carpark rage, long queues at the checkout or lugging heavy boxes to your car - shopping online's the shizz! We've designed our online store to help you shop for your wine (and other) goodies as quickly and easily as possible. Just follow your nose and you'll be all good, but if you do need a few pointers here they are...

Find what you're after...
The two best ways to find what you're after are using the "Refine Your Search" and "Search Our Store" options down the left hand side...

Refine Your Search - Select one or more categories you'd like to search from - Wine, Beer, Gifts or Non Alcholic. From there you can further refine one or more of the varieties, regions and countries. Tip - If you want to search for all varieties (e.g all Whites or all Reds) within your wine search just click "White" or "Red" in the wine variety drop down box. Select your price range and hit the "Browse" button.

Search Our Store - Enter specific words or phrases to search across all items available in our online store. Hit the "Search" button to see your results.

Once your search results are shown you'll be able to sort them by price, alphabetically, vintage or the ones we think are just that little bit better.

Start filling up your cart!
Once you've found what you're after you can start adding items to your cart by choosing the quantity of items you'd like and hitting the "Add to Cart" button. A summary of what's in your cart will appear in the top right hand corner - plus a reminder of how many more bottles you need to go to fill up your case.

At any time you can click the "View Cart" button to see what's in your cart and adjust the quantities. Tip - To remove items from your cart head to the "View Cart" screen, adjust the quantity to zero next to the product you want to remove and hit the "Recalculate" button at the bottom.

Mix & Match
We like to mix it up - and so can you. You won't find any single bottle pick surcharges here - at The Good Wine Co you can mix and match your case and get the same great discounts whether you buy one bottle or 12. This means you can decide what comes in your case, not us!

Time to checkout
All done? Sweet, it's time to head to the checkout to let us know who and where we're sending it to (plus we'll need some money from you as well!). Click on the "View Cart" button in the top right hand corner. From here there are five quick and easy steps to finish your order...

1. Cart Contents
Here you can see what's in your cart. Adjust any quantities if you need to, hit the "Recalculate" button at the bottom. Once you're done you'll need to select your "Delivery Location" and hit the "Checkout" button.

2. Cart Summary
Review what's in your cart, your freight costs and if you've got one you can enter a promo code. We'll probably try and tempt you with a last minute item to chuck in your case at no extra freight cost - just hit the "Yes Please" or "No Thanks" button to carry on.

3. Billing & Shipping
If you've shopped with us before you can click the "Click here to login" button, enter your e-mail address and password and all your saved billing and shipping info will appear like magic. If you're new, you'll need to enter this information in. Tip - Enter a password on this page to make sure you save time next time you're shopping with us!

This page is where you tell us who and where to send the goodies to. Here you'll also be able to enter any delivery instructions for the courier, or any gift messages for the recipient.

4. Order Summary
Almost done. It's time to double check everything you've entered so far is correct -and it's time to pay up! Hit the "Process Payment" button to be taken to our secure third party payment provider page (that was a mouthful).

5. Payment
Complete your order via our secure online payment service provider, Payment Express by DPS. You can pay by credit card or secure bank transfer. Be sure to carefully enter your credit card number, name, expiry date and security code.
Once payment has gone through you'll flick you an e-mail confirming the details of your order, along with your Order Number. We'll send you another quick e-mail when your order has left with the courier, we'll attach a copy of your tax invoice with this e-mail. 

That's it, you're all sorted! We've tried to make it as quick and easy as possible to shop with us - but if at any stage you get stuck just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

The Good Wine Company